Samsung galaxy note stolen phone tracker

There are different versions of Note 9. That is way too much for a smartphone.

How to Track and Locate Stolen or Lost Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Considering the specs it must be a beast when it comes to performance. Still, spending that much for a phone does not seems sensible when you can find a phone with almost same specs in one-third of its price. You can even find a top-notch laptop in that price, a trip to your dream destination and whatnot in that much money. Enough of whining about the price of Note 9. Now, let us get back to the topic we are covering. If you are looking to track Galaxy Note 9. You are at the right place. We will talk about two possible ways and services that can be used to track and locate Note 9 remotely.

There are two services.

One of them is from Samsung, it is called Find my mobile. The other one is an Android-based service named as Find my device. Both of these methods have some limitations, that we are going to talk about later.

Locating Lost/Stolen Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has a built-in feature that lets you access your phone remotely via a remote service. You just have to log in using your Samsung Account credentials and then you can have access to all the remote features.

Retrieval of call logs and contacts, ringing the phone at its full volume even if it is on silent. Erasing the contents of the phone if you have lost it, and you can also see its location on Google maps if your phone is connected to the internet and its location services are turned on.

Find a lost phone and even give it a call

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Procedure to follow in the event of phone loss or theft

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